Acne Treatment Options

There are a lot of methods and products that claim curing acne, there are only a few of them can effectively cure acne as following:

1- Acne.org’s experts developed The Acne.org Regimen that is a 3-step process which is ranked as Very effective in clearing up acne.

2- Taking an enough dosage (1mg/kg) from Accutane offers a long-term reduction of acne symptoms. However, Due to the power of this drug, there must be a close observation from a trusted doctor during using this drug, especially during pregnancy.
Rating: Very effective

3- Prescriptions
Moderate clearing of acne is provided by most prescriptions and is somewhat effective medications like salicylic acid, sulfur, and resorcinol offers a little help which makes this option limited effect.

4- Photodynamic therapy shows potential results.
5- Limited effectiveness can be caused by chemical peels, this can be professionally administered.

6- Inconsistent and mediocre can be produced by Laser therapy but it has limited effectiveness.
7- The light therapy has limited effect and needs much time and too much money to do.

8- A home remedies largely unproven method that can provide a consistent cure.
10- Heat therapy is ineffective in curing acne because it has no scientific base.
11- To quickly decrease swelling and help heal the lesion in order to prevent scars, Cortisone shots can be used occasionally in case having a cyst or nodule.
12- Spot Treatment
It is very effective to use the ZIIT method In order to prevent a zit from forming, this technique is developed by Acne.org.

13- Some scar treatments can provide a partial cure for scars. However, plastic surgeries can combine different scar treatments to achieve excellent results.

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