Causes Of Acne

Causes Of Acne

Causes Of Acne




















Because the children do not experience acne, acne can be considered a hormonal sickness because hormones are in charge of the maturation of the oil glands in the human skin. Once these glands matured they develop the ability in becoming acne lesions. Even though the skin is an objective for hormones and can even produce hormones by itself, we have no idea about how hormones affect acne. According to hormonal studies, it is found that increased

male hormones in the human body can result in acne. There is no logical reason that can explain the clogging hair follicles which cause acne pimples and blemishes to compose. Also acne in women ebbs and flux more periodically due to the monthly menstruation. The effects of estrogen levels on acne can be observed during pregnancy and menopause. In order to regulate estrogen and androgen levels in human bodies and reduce acne symptoms, specialists prescribe low-dose birth control pills even though there is less evidence of their efficacy at this time.

Men and women can experience acne in their 20s or may be beyond. It’s advisable to carry out a blood test periodically to ensure that the hormones are within a reasonable level. If it is so proper local treatment would be enough.

Specialists are not sure if diet and acne are linked. It is advisable to eat colorful fruits, vegetables, omega-3 fats and of course food supplement with 30mg of zinc gluconate daily. Specialists are not sure if diet and acne are linked. It is advisable to eat colorful fruits, vegetables, omega-3 fats and of course food supplement with 30mg of zinc gluconate daily. However, the modern diets and the lifestyle make it sometimes impossible to avoid the effect of acne.
No matter what anti-acne diet you follow, you may realize a short-term decrease in acne while your body losing weight, acne symptoms are likely to come back as soon as the weight levels off.
Tip, in order to have smooth healthy skin, it is advisable that you concentrate on treating your skin than using any useless and unproven diet.

Due to the lack of strong evidence on the relationship between dairy and acne, the ” Journal of Clinics in Dermatology” claims that the relationship between dietary dairy intake and the development of acne is weak.
The hormones existing in milk could possibly create the understanding that dairy products could affect acne, but no study showed inconclusive evidence of a relationship between dairy and acne.

So many people have inadequate levels of different vitamins and minerals but the effect of this situation on acne is not known.

Various bodily systems such as endocrine, digestive , respiratory and immune system are affected by the operations of our mind. It is not a myth that our emotional stress which keeps our mind busy affects our bodies. For example lack of sleep may cause physical stress. It is proofed that emotional and physical stress can trigger acne but the

cause still unknown.

It is not known why if your family members like father and mother had acne chances are you will have one too
Inflammation Acne pimples are often formed by inflammation. It is advisable to get anti-inflammatory medications because it is thought to be good advice for lowering the acne development.

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