The Root Cause of Diabetes

The Root Cause of Diabetes

The Root Cause of Diabetes

You will not believe me if I tell you that you are not diabetic because just you see hight blood sugar reading with a meter. It is not true that everyone is diabetic because his blood sugar is high. Some people can live without any problem if their blood sugar is high. The secret is the inflammation.

Inflammation is the real enemy of all patients who suffer from heart disease, heart attacks, cancer, high cholesterol, blindness, arthritis, and neuropathy. The specialists in University of California San Diego in February 2015 discovered that the Inflammation  is the real cause of insulin resistance and that causes type 2 diabetes,  an inflammatory  molecule called LTB4 causes insulin resistance and that leads to high blood sugar and diabetes.

Now you can understand that your diabetes will never be cured with just the traditional blood sugar treatments such as drugs and injections because the blood sugar medicines are treating the symptoms and not the real cause.

For example, the symptoms of the flu are fever and congestion which caused by a virus. The doctors prescribe decongestants to cure the fever and the congestion which are the symptoms of flu. A Virus is a hidden enemy which can not be killed by such treatment. You will feel as if you are healed from the flu but that is not true you are still sick with the virus of the flu.

Another example when someone breaks his leg the symptoms are bleeding and lots of pain. Painkillers and wrapping his leg in a bandage will stop the bleeding and make him feel better but actually, the real cause of pain is not fixed, you just treated the symptoms and not the real cause of pain. The real cause is the broken leg.

What you have read is applicable to diabetes because the patients are handling it the same way in the forementioned examples. They treated high blood sugar and the insulin resistance which is not the real problem. The symptoms are treated well but you still sick and have a problem even though you feel better after taking high blood sugar pills to lower blood sugar and insulin to deal with insulin resistance.

Now you understand that when we get sick you feel the symptoms of the disease but the real cause of sickness is unseen. You should think about treating the underlying disease and not the symptoms. The doctors give a funny joke about that, someone was driving his car and had a problem in his engine and saw a red light inside the car to warning him that there is a serious problem in the engine. The doctors ask are you going to fix the red light inside the car or should you hurry to fix the motor itself?. This story is a very clear story about the symptoms of the disease and the real cause of it.

If we apply these stories on diabetes we find out that we live in a world full of lies because the medical and pharmaceutical industries are not telling you the truth and give you a treatment to the red light and not to fix the motor and tell you that you are fully healed which is not true. These lies keep you far away from the true cause of diabetes and at the same time keep taking their medicines and never heal your diabetes but the red light of diabetes only.

While the world is talking about natural nutrition-based treatments for diabetes, specialists still only prescribe useless and very harmful drugs due to its dangerous side effects. They will never tell you the truth because if you know the truth they will lose their business. Thousands of factories are producing high-blood sugar pills and injections which need someone to use, which is you. This is precisely why prescribed medicines or insulin injections has ever reversed diabetes and yet they are the only treatments the specialists prescribe.

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