Tragus Jewelry – All you need to know about Tragus Jewelry

Tragus piercing is the perforation of the Tragus. Tragus is the place in front of the ear canal where you can perforate and wear ear jewelry. The piercing is made with the help of a small needle and you can wear rings, studs and small Tragus jewelry in those pierced holes.

The Tragus is referred to as the small oval cartilage flap that is located right outside the ear canal. The piercing made in this section of the ear is known as Tragus piercing. Tragus jewelry remains a popular choice for women as well as a lot of men. The most popular kind of jewelry that is worn in the Tragus is small bead earrings, ear studs, and barbells.

The market is full of Tragus jewelry that is stylish and trendy that is meeting demands of people who are getting their Tragus pierced. There are various kinds of Tragus jewelry gold as well as different kinds of metals like silver and steel. Though Tragus piercing is painful, many people are getting their tragus pierced to make a style statement. There are different kinds of Tragus earrings depending on the type, design and gauge.

The different kinds of Tragus jewelry

If you are searching for Helix, conch earrings or rook earrings, then you surely are searching for Tragus jewelry. Tragus jewelry is easy to find nowadays because a number of people are getting their ears pierced in order to wear Tragus jewelry. There are also times when these tragus jewelries are worn in different parts of the body as well as a style statement. Tragus jewelries are available in a variety of designs, shapes, sizes and colors like eye brow tragus bars, belly button rings, curved Tragus jewelry gold barbells, labrets are many more. Custom-made Tagus jewelries are also available for piercing along with tragus studs, and handmade tribal studs. There are various kinds of Tragus jewelry that are available for your tongue, nipple, eyebrows, belly buttons, nose, lips, chin and labret piercing as well as other kind of ear piercing such as tapers, stretched ear plugs, flesh tunnels, tragus rings, and scaffolds. There are numerous kinds of Tragus jewelry that include circular barbells, ear piercing jewelry, and acrylic body jewelry. These jewelries would adorn your piercing and make them look stylish and good. The eyebrow is the best place to compliment with the help of tragus jewelry gold – new gold tragus bars.       
Tragus piercing

Tragus piercing is one of the cutest piercing that looks adorable in your ears. This is a piercing or a perforation of the Tragus that extends over the ear canal. You can wear any kind of ring after the piercing heals up properly, however, most people like to wear tiny barbells or tiny circular rings on them. Tragus piercing is not as painful as it is done on the cartilage and pains little less.

The different kinds of jewelry for the ears

Bars, studs, rook, hoop, conch and many more- sounds familiar don’t it? These are all different sorts of earrings that are worn in the different parts of the ear like the ear lobes, the cartilage, the rook and more. You can find a large number of these earrings from different websites in the Internet. Search for some of the daintiest Tragus jewelries made of gold as well as other materials for your cartilage and your Tragus. Did you know that these kinds of jewelry could also be worn on the nipples? Made with some of the best designs and the best colorful gemstones, these jewelries adorn your body parts in a graceful manner.
The different kinds of Tragus jewelry

Tragus rings

Choose to wear a ring in their Tragus and these are often known to be one of the best choices of jewelry. Choose from a wide assortment of Tragus rings including circular barbells, smooth segment rings and much more.

The Captive Bead ring

The Captive bead ring or ball closure rings are very elegant rings that have been worn by girls for a long time. The two ends of the rings are joined with a single bead that is kept as captives. The beads can also be replaced with stones to get a stunning, elegant look. Different Rings can easily be worn and removed from the Tragus and they are excellent jewelry as well. They are the most versatile piece of jewelry that can be used in different piercing. These rings look effective in Tragus piercing and can create different kinds of looks due to diverse color combinations.

The Barbells

Barbells look exotic when they are worn in the Tragus. Barbells are metal piece with balls at the end at both sides. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and look like a ring with a gap. Both ends appear on both sides and thus they look amazing on the Tragus. This is one of the most preferred jewelry. The size of the barbells is measured in terms of gauge with small posts that have higher gauge and vice versa. The initial Tragus piercing is done with a 14-gauge barbell. Choose from a wide range of barbells from plain steel to gold to funky designs and hi tech skin friendly materials. The tragus bars can also be accessorized with threaded accessories.

The Labret stud

A labret piercing is usually found on an individual’s face below the lower lip above the chin, but now labret piercing is found all over the body. The Labret stud resembles a barbell with a flat disk at one end and a beautiful gem on the other. This means that your ear canal will not be obstructed and you can also wear headphones comfortably. This looks exotic and luxurious and can be worn with precious gems. A Labret can also adorn the style statement for a woman. Many women have been found to be wearing Labret studs in their Tragus. The labret studs can also be worn in the nose to make it look good. They are available in a variety of skin friendly materials that are ideal for the skin.

Segment rings

Smooth segment rings, which are also known, as infinity rings do not have any end. They are a great choice for the Tragus. These Tragus jewelries are available in Titanium, Gold plates, silver, Steel, and Black PVD.

Straight Barbells

Straight Barbells are also available in a variety of materials with jeweled and non-jeweled balls that can make your Tragus really look gorgeous. You can choose between different kinds of barbells.

Circular barbells

Circular barbells are really flexible and easy to insert as well. They are known to be one of the most sophisticated parts of body jewelry. These curved bars will fit in almost anywhere and in any kind of piercing- however make sure that you choose the right size. A curved barbell comes with two removable balls that can swap accessories of your choice. These barbells are available in bioplast, blackline, surgical steel, titanium, large gauge, Zircon Gold, Gold plated and 18 c gold materials.

Tragus Studs

Give your Tragus a stylish look with the help of cute looking Tragus studs. The eye catching Tragus piercing studs are available in an assortment of designs to suit your style. You can also choose among various kinds of Tragus studs such as butterflies, bow and arrow, dragonflies, love signs, screws, anchors, lock and keys and more. There is an assortment of choices for your Tragus that you would love to wear.


Can be worn in different parts of the body as well

Did you know that Tragus jewelry could be worn in other parts of the body as well? Nowadays, tragus jewelry is not confined to the Tragus itself. Men as well as women can also wear them in different parts of the body. Tragus jewelry is worn in the belly buttons; tongue, under the chin, on the lips as well as the eyebrows.

You can choose from an assortment of Tragus Jewelry, Gold kinds from different websites and jewelry stores. They are made with the best materials with gold plated finish that looks extremely exotic and sophisticated.

Wearing Tragus bars in the tongue

Body piercing was known to be a taboo in the earlier times. It has rapidly gained popularity and various people are getting their bodies pierced and also wearing different Tragus jewelry in the same. Time has changed and body piercing is available all throughout the world with safe and effective methods. Different salons are offering different body piercing. Lip rings are available in the form of lip hoops. Nowadays, many people are also tongues pierced and adorning them with Tragus bars. Piercing is done in a sterile manner. Getting a Tragus bar in your tongue displays a style statement

The Rook piercing jewelry

Rook piercing is usually done through the rook of the ear. A rook piercing jewelry is worn in the perforation of the rook in your ear. Whether you can have a rook piercing depends on the anatomy of your ear. Rook piercing can be painful at times if a specialist does not do it. There are various rooks piercing jewelry that can be worn on the eyebrows as well as the rook. Rook piercing jewelry is available in rings as well as bars.

Conch piercing

Conch piercing is a piercing that is done within the hollow space of your ear. It is called the conch piercing because it has a resemblance to a conch shell. It is placed through the center of the ear and is not a very popular form of piercing. A conch piercing jewelry should be the best jewelry like a captive bead ring that can be used for the initial piercing, as there aren’t any bends or any angles. The conch is, however, the easiest places to get pierced. Conch piercing jewelries can be worn in both the ears, but at the same time it may interfere with the patterns of sleep.

Conch piercing jewelries can be categorized into Conch studs, conch bars and conch bar accessories. They are available in barbells, studs and rings as well.
 Cartilage hoop earrings

Cartilage hoop earrings are worn in the cartilage of your ears. The cartilage is the easiest place to wear hoop earrings and you wouldn’t feel the pain, as it is a hard portion of the skin in the ear. Find some of the best Tragus gold jewelry in the form of cartilage hoop earrings from various websites. They are handmade, polished and made with sterile material that would look sophisticated and elegant as well. The cartilage hoop earring can also be worn in other parts of your body such as the nose as well as the belly button. They look great in your eyebrows as well as your lips as well.

Daith piercing

There are different kind of daiths, including ball closure rings, circular barbells and smooth segment rings. Each of these jewelries offers a unique look and is available with different choice of materials to suit your piercing and style.

Helix piercing

Helix piercing is located in the outer edge of the ear and is usually placed between the middle and the top of the ear. They are also known as pina piercing and auricle piercing. There is a wide range of Tagus jewelry that you can also wear in the helix-piercing segment.

Orbital piercing

An orbital piercing is a piercing that enters and exits from the same part of the ear. It is made of two piercing holes with one rings going through both the piercing. Orbital ear piercing are located in the outer rim but can also be done anywhere in the anatomy. You can choose between huge selections of Tragus jewelry for this piercing.

 Tragus jewelry can be worn in these kinds of piercing and they look sophisticated and elegant as well. Search the Internet for a wide assortment of Tragus jewelry, which is available in different price range and different materials as well as different colors and materials. You will simply love them and ask for more!

The rings, barbells, as well as labret studs are suitable to be worn in the ear piercings in Tragus as well as ear parts like lobe, helix, auricle and conch piercing.

Tragus earrings

There are various kinds of Tragus earrings that you can choose from. They include

  • Clear Tragus earrings
  • Dangle tragus earrings
  • Gold tragus earrings
  • Tragus earring labret.

Tragus jewelry- ideal for all parts of the body

Tragus cartilage earrings are suitable for chin, lip, Monroe, Tragus, helix, cartilage and other body piercings. They are available in thick as well as thin gauges. Some of the most unique looking tragus upper ear piercing with gem ball neon splash colored rose acrylic, flowers, hearts and crystal balls with semi heart and precious stones. You can also choose from an assortment of jewelry such as internally threaded labret, lip bar Monroe tragus cartilage, Tragus rings, Tragus jewelry Tragus earrings and many more from many different websites.

Feel unique with an exclusive collection of Tragus jewelry. You can also replace a lost ball or add a new ball to jazz up your body piercing jewelry. The other forms of piercing comprises of naval piercing, labret piercing, eyebrow piercing, nipple piercing, tongue piercing and more. Tragus jewelry can be exclusively used for ear piercing. There are various shops for all kinds of body piercing and they offer a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes at low and affordable prices. You can also get to see various kinds of Tragus fashion jewelry and choose the type that you prefer. Choose a Tragus jewelry that would suit your style and complexion as well as your personality.

Choosing from different types of Tragus jewelry from retail online stores

Tragus jewelry comprises of different types such as the acrylic body jewelry, straight and circular barbells, body rings, of different sizes. They are available in different kind of materials from a low price to a higher price. Some people prefer to wear plain and simple Tragus earrings made of silver while some prefer rings with different kinds of stones, segment teardrops, and body rings.

Choose some of the best Tragus Jewelry from the largest retail online collections with a wide range of designs, shapes and sizes in ear jewelry as well as body jewelry. The online gives you quite a good number of choices to pick and choose from as well.

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