What Is Acne

What Is Acne

What Is Acne




















Millions of microscopic hair follicles, which are covering different parts of the body is called pores. For unknown reasons these follicles overproduce cells and get blocked and the surface gets trapped and bacteria begins to grow because Sebum (oil) find it difficult to drain. Acne is two parts:

Acne is shown up on the skin in two forms:
1-Non-inflammatory acne:

* Whitehead is formed when the trapped sebum and bacteria stayed below the skin surface and it might show up as very small white spots.

* Blackhead is caused when the pore opens to the surface and the sebum that contains the skin pigment melanin oxidizes and turns into a brown or black color which can not be removed by washing.

2. Inflammatory acne can happen if a blackhead or whitehead are releasing its contents to the skin surface and heal or the follicle wall can break down due to picking or touching the skin. Therefore it is advisable not to touch the acne prone.

A pustule is formed later when white blood cells find their way to the surface of the skin which is called a “zit” or a “pimple and it could severely collapse or explode causing inflamation to the surroundings of the skin and might engulf adjoining follicles too. Total collapse can occur if a follicle breaks down causing a large,  inflamation bump that could be sore to touch.

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